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Travis Wong

Tricking / XMA / Freerunning / Stunts

Joining All Movement - Los Angeles, USA

"We are proud to have the 1st AirTrick in America at JAM! The only inflatable training tool created just for trickers. The AirTrick is a definite favorite of both the professional trickers and the younger kids."

Robert James van Setten


010 Trickz - Rotterdam, NL

"From the moment we started working together I noticed the AirTrack Factory team really listens to our feedback and respects their partners. Using our feedback, they've developed great new products that match our needs perfectly.

AirTrack Factory has become a valuable partner to us and I hope we'll keep making amazing new products together."

Damien Walters

World famous freerunner & stuntman

Youtube.com/user/damienwalters - Derby, UK

"AirTrack Factory challenged me to try out their AirTrick. When it arrived at our Derby Gym the boys and I started trying to take it to its limits right away. We’ve now been training on it for a few months and I’m still amazed at how much fun and variation the AirTrick keeps on offering. I’d definitely recommend AirTrack Factory’s inflatable mats to any gym; it’s great equipment for both recreational and professional sportsmen. We made a video showing some of the new jumps we’ve been doing which hopefully demonstrates how good the mat is! – check it out on my YouTube channel!"