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010Trickz in Rotterdam (NL)

If you've been looking for a way to boost your skills and help people progress through trainings better, you've found it! The AirTrick is the ideal mat for anyone trying to learn new tricks or perfect his technique. Training on air brings many unique advantages.

Play with pressure

Whether you want the mat to resemble a regular floor or a trampoline, anything is possible. You can change the pressure from anywhere between "Help, I'm drowning in it!" up to "This thing is rock-solid!".

Don't try this at home

Safety first! Prevent injuries by practicing on air before trying your new tricks on the gym floor. Having an AirTrick means both you and your students have a safe way of learning new moves.

Go wild

Enjoy the bounce a normal trampoline offers while having the space to combine multiple moves like you're on a regular gym floor.

Go anywhere

Going to a gathering, event or training? Simply roll up your AirTrick and take it along in the back of your car. Inside or outside, your mat is inflated and ready for business within 5 minutes!

Featured video

Check out the latest video: Damien Walters versus the AirTrick!

Welcome AAI!

Welcome AAI! AirTrack Factory is expanding its presence in the USA!

The country's leading sports equipment manufacturer, American Athletic Inc. (AAI), will start selling our products to gymnasts and cheerleaders nationwide.

We're proud to welcome AAI to the AirTrack Factory team!


Freerunner Ryan Doyle at AirTrack Factory

Freerunner Ryan Doyle at AirTrack Factory

Freerunning LEGEND Ryan Doyle paid us a visit over at the AirTrack Factory HQ in Holland! Besides ripping up the local gymnastics club, Ryan came to discuss the future of freerunning and the influence of products like the AirTrick.

We’re very excited to cooperate with Ryan and his Airborne Academy. Stay up to date on Facebook!


Damien Walters versus the AirTrick

Damien Walters versus the AirTrick Damien Walters' latest video features AirTrack Factory's AirTrick! The world-famous stuntman and freerunner invites his friends over to give the AirTrick a try.

Check out the spectacular video here!


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