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Safe and forgiving on the body

Movement can get tough for people of age. The fear of falling or being unable to stay mobile is a worrying thought for many. For these issues senior gym on AirProducts can be an excellent solution. Balance exercises on the AirFloor are more effective and very forgiving on the joints and body. The AirFloor is a very safe platform for falling, rolling and exercising.
Another great feature of exercising on air is that different variations in pressure are possible to require more, or less ankle stability. This makes AirProducts great and fun equipment for senior gym.


A safe and forgiving underground for both ground and standing exercises
Variations in pressure for more or less ankle stability
Variations in pressure for different exercises and softer landings


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Senior gym

Senior gym Probably our first video without any flips, but these seniors do steal the show!

The AirTrack Training Set Home Edition is ideal equipment for stability and mobility training.


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Welcome Gymnashop.dk We proudly present Gymnashop as our exclusive dealer in Denmark, the heart of tumbling!

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