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Gerhard Ferreira


GimTrac - South Africa

"Being an agent for the AirTrack Factory means selling high quality products and delivering what you promise your clients. Since the beginning we have clients that ask for different products or that have new ideas. The AirTrack Factory is always eager to develop new products or to improve the existing once. With the high quality promotional material they supply, we have a very good position in the market comparing to our competitors! "

Damien Walters

World famous freerunner & stuntman

Youtube.com/user/damienwalters - Derby, UK

"AirTrack Factory challenged me to try out their AirTrick. When it arrived at our Derby Gym the boys and I started trying to take it to its limits right away. We’ve now been training on it for a few months and I’m still amazed at how much fun and variation the AirTrick keeps on offering. I’d definitely recommend AirTrack Factory’s inflatable mats to any gym; it’s great equipment for both recreational and professional sportsmen. We made a video showing some of the new jumps we’ve been doing which hopefully demonstrates how good the mat is! – check it out on my YouTube channel!"