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This section is exclusively for resellers. You can find here information about all our products. Furthermore, resellers can log-in for exclusive downloads and information about the status or your orders.

The AirTrack Factory is looking for strong, ambitious partners specialized in gymnastics, cheerleading or freerunning/tricking and who are willing to invest time and energy in promoting our innovative products to the end users. When sportsmen have experienced our products, success is guaranteed!

We have an extensive range of promotional material available and offer technical support and personal service.

In this section you can find information about all our products and services. Furthermore, resellers can log-in for exclusive downloads and information about the status of your orders.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Mara Titarsolej lifting our AirFloor

About us

We've been active in the field of inflatable production since 1986. We have delivered thousands of objects for advertising, sports and recreation in Europe. Twelve years ago we produced the first AirTrack generation for gymnastics. Since then we have continuously researched and improved our products. Secret to our success is the valuable participation of sportsmen and trainers during the entire development process. We have close connections to world-class gymnasts, cheerleaders, tumbling, trickers, freerunners and martial arts performers all over the world. They are the experts as to the high standards a top quality AirTrack has to meet!

The result? A new AirTrack generation based on the latest techniques we developed, good workmanship and the best materials (supreme quality Double Wall Fabrics).

Introducing the AirBeam

Introducing the AirBeam AirTrack Factory proudly presents the AirBeam, the revolutionary beam training aid!!

We will be giving away 10 AirBeams on the 7th of September! 5 on Facebook and 5 on Instagram.

www.facebook.com/AirtrackFactory www.instagram.com/airtrack_factory



CATALOG 2016 Take a look at our catalog for 2016 with all the AirTrackFactory products. Contact us us for our prices!


Senior gym

Senior gym Probably our first video without any flips, but these seniors do steal the show!

The AirTrack Training Set Home Edition is ideal equipment for stability and mobility training.


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