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Introducing the AirBeam

Introducing the AirBeam AirTrack Factory proudly presents the AirBeam, the revolutionary beam training aid!!

We will be giving away 10 AirBeams on the 7th of September! 5 on Facebook and 5 on Instagram.

www.facebook.com/AirtrackFactory www.instagram.com/airtrack_factory



CATALOG 2016 Take a look at our catalog for 2016 with all the AirTrackFactory products. Contact us us for our prices!


Senior gym

Senior gym Probably our first video without any flips, but these seniors do steal the show!

The AirTrack Training Set Home Edition is ideal equipment for stability and mobility training.


Welcome Gymnashop.dk

Welcome Gymnashop.dk We proudly present Gymnashop as our exclusive dealer in Denmark, the heart of tumbling!

Check out gymnashop.dk/airtrack-factory


AirTrack Training Set

AirTrack Training Set Introducing the AirTrack Training Set!

Always wanted to train on an AirTrack? We developed a very affordable set of inflatable training mats for both gym and home use!

The AirTrack Training Set is available as complete set or per individual item. Interested in the pricing? Contact us using the form on the contact page.

Check out all the advantages in this video:

Be sure to check the ending of the video, where we compare conventional foam mats to our AirFloor mat!


Catalog 2015

Catalog 2015 Curious about our catalog for 2015? Contact us for a peek at our new products and prices!


Welcome AAI!

Welcome AAI! AirTrack Factory is expanding its presence in the USA!

The country's leading sports equipment manufacturer, American Athletic Inc. (AAI), will start selling our products to gymnasts and cheerleaders nationwide.

We're proud to welcome AAI to the AirTrack Factory team!


New gymnastics video

New gymnastics video Check out our latest video for gymnastics! More videos will follow soon!


Cooperation with the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation

Cooperation with the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation

Did you know that the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation (www.kngu.nl) and AirTrack Factory closely cooperate?

KNGU & AirTrack Factory

Together we strive to improve the quality and safety of gymnastics in Holland and promote the use of inflatable sports equipment.

KNGU logo


Damien Walters versus the AirTrick

Damien Walters versus the AirTrick Damien Walters' latest video features AirTrack Factory's AirTrick! The world-famous stuntman and freerunner invites his friends over to give the AirTrick a try.

Check out the spectacular video here!


New website online

Welcome to our new website! Have you discovered the improved product pages yet?

If you run into any problems or have any suggestions regarding the website, please let us know.


Introducing the AirJumpy

Introducing the AirJumpy We're proud to introduce you to our latest innovation, the AirJumpy! This set of 5 inflatable mats is the perfect flexible basis for children's gymnastics.


Cooperation with GTV De Hazenkamp

GTV De Hazenkamp is one of the most famous gymnastic clubs in The Netherlands. This February, an official collaboration was signed formalizing the bond between De Hazenkamp & AirTrack Factory.

Top coach Edwin Zegers and his team of national renowned gymnasts are actively helping the AirTrack Factory develop new training material designed for optimal performance and minimalizing the risk of injury. Starting early March, De Hazenkamp will launch a series of clinics and trainings in cooperation with the KNGU (the Dutch national gymnastic association).

For more information regarding the KNGU, check out their website.